Tone and Niche Turns 10!


Many of us remember the blackout of 2003 which affected an estimated 45 million people in the U.S. During the outage, Tone and Niche prepared for their very first full-length release. The night the power was restored, Anthony “Tone” Retka and Nicole “Niche” Varga took the stage to release their self-titled debut album.

In the ten years since, Tone and Niche has released four full length albums, Four EPs, a double-live album, a single, and a couple compilations in the form their limited 2007 From the Vault rarities and 2009 Singles disc. They have played hundreds of local shows, toured the United States extensively, and have shared the stage with several national recording artists, such as Art Alexakis of Everclear and Singer/Songwriter, Martha Wainright. Other accolades include having their music featured on the Discovery Channel, as well as having the privilege of winning the Detroit leg of the 2012 International Hard Rock Rising Contest.

Tone and Niche has had their share of ups and downs. Rotating band members and the ever present struggles of trying to find acceptance in the music industry has sometimes pushed the band to the brink. However, the music lovers of the dedicated Detroit music scene have shown their loyalty to the band and have always inspired them to push on.

Ten years after their first major performance, Tone and Niche will celebrate the experiences they’ve had and the future they look forward to as they perform with gratitude to all of you who have made these past ten years possible. It will be a special night. We look forward to seeing you at the Berkley Front on May 25th. You may want to bring a flash light. You never know what might happen…


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