Singer, Songwriter, and Musician, Anthony Retka, has spent the last fifteen years writing and performing material that has helped etch his place in the Detroit music scene.

He has toured all over the United States from Nashville to St. Louis and Chicago to New York.  Anthony’s independently released albums include three solo efforts alongside four full-length albums, a live double CD, and multiple EPs and Singles with his band, Tone & Niche.

Anthony recently released his most progressive work to date, “Anthony Retka’s Big Parade.”  The new record features the strong vocal styling and lyrical abilities that people have come to expect from Anthony’s recordings. The record also includes the vocal and instrumental complexity of some of Michigan’s finest musicians.

In addition to the release of the new record, Retka’s song So Long, from the 2007 Tone and Niche record Rust, was recently featured on the Discovery Channel’s Dr. G: Medical Examiner.

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